My Floating Home

4 X 60’ Windfall for More 4 & FYI (US)
Fact-ent following people embarking on building water-borne homes around the world.

Big Kitchens

3 X 30’ Windfall for FYI
Fast paced fact-ent show looking at the inner working of the world’s biggest kitchens.

World’s Worst Weather

Image result for worlds worst weather channel 4
2 x 60’ Pioneer for Channel 4 & Weather Channel US
The science behind the world’s most unbelievable weather phenomenon.

Extreme Homes

5 x 60’ Pioneer for HGTV US
A whirlwind tour around the world’s most outrageous homes and dwellings.

Cowboy Trap

Image result for cowboy trap bbc
5 x 30’ Mentorn for BBC 1
Fact-Ent format delving into the world of cowboy builders and their victims.

Piers Morgan’s Life Stories: Burt Reynolds

Image result for piers morgan burt reynolds
1 x 60’ ITV for ITV1
Prime time celebrity interview show.

Devil’s Dinner Party

2 x 60’ ITV for Sky Atlantic
Contestants answer questions about each other during a dinner party, competing for a prize.